Chand Raat, women throng at henna stalls

Islamabad: With advent of Eid ul Fitr and Chaand raat henna stalls have been set up in different areas of federal capital while large number of women including children have started to throng on henna stalls.

Henna painting is an art, which is usually too much appreciated on Eid days as without mehndi Eid seems dim. Women like to apply henna on their hands as fashion and tradition. On this Eid the stalls of henna have been set up in Super market, Jinnah Super, Karachi Company while beauty salons have also made arrangements of henna painting.

The expert henna painters adored the hands of women with attractive henna designs. There are different kinds of henna designs as Arabic henna designs, Indian Mehndi, Iranian Mehndi ets. The women usually like to adore their hands with Indian designs, as it is very attractive and beautiful.

On Eid day women hands painted with red mehndi and full with bangles make joys of Eid further colorful, the hands adored with mehndi provoked strange kind of happiness and smile amongst the observers.

It is relevant to mention here that henna painters are charging very high for henna painting and are receiving 500 to 1000 per hand.

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