PM announces summoning of APC: No injustice to be done with Punjab

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani announcing to call meeting of All Parties Conference to prepare strategy to tackle flood devastation said that no provincial government has been provided with funds for flood affectees

Addressing to National Assembly here on Saturday twice, Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani accepting suggestion by opposition has agreed to summon All Parties Conference after Eid for finalizing strategy to tackle flood devastation . He said that aid for flood affectees is entrusting of flood affectees and it would be distributed amongst the affectees in a transparent way.

He appealed to all political parties to come forward to help the flood affectees, putting aside all conflicts while, the government would expand it’s all resources on reconstruction during next three years. The government has made initial project regarding rehabilitation of flood affectees.

Clarifying the situation after leader of the opposition Ch Nisar speech to the house, PM said that the federation has not provided any fund to any provincial govt for the flood affectees and a National strategy is being prepared for the distribution of funds.

He added that in his presence there would be no injustice with Punjab.

Responding to fiery speech of Ch Nisar, PM said that by resorting to personal remarks he does not want to spoil the environment of assembly. He said that the dates for the session and the agenda with regard to flood affectees were settled but due to dangerous flood situation in Sindh the session could nit be held. He said that the session was postponed on the request of Sindh MNAs who were busy in flood relief activities in their respective areas.

He said that he contacted the opposition leader of the house through an opposition member but he did not agree to postpone the session after which he directly contacted PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif.

PM further said that the people could hand over the aid amount to any reliable institutions. He directed all ministers to probe into the allegations of breaking dykes to divert direction of flood to other areas.

PM wailed that high flood wreak havoc in all four provinces including FATA, FANA, Gilgit, Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir. He said that more than 20 million people have affected people by the flood and the number of affectees is more than Tsunami, flood in Haiti and Katrina.

He told that 24 districts of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa, 12 Sindh, 19 AJK and seven of Gilgit and Baltistan have been badly ruined by the recent high flood while crops standing on 14 lac acre and 13 lac houses have destroyed.

He further told the flood swallowed 1600 people, injured 26000, destroyed 1000 bridges and washed away 4 kilometers roads. PM told that experts have estimated that almost Rs 500 billion are needed for restoration of the affected areas.

The thirty per cent part of agricultural land has been destroyed due to flood. He said that Rs 4 billion has been deposited in PM relief fund till 3 September while, millions of rupees are being deposited through SMS service.

He informed that a large quantity of relief goods have been distributed amongst the affectees through NDMA and Pak Army has shifted more than 1 million affectees to safer places through boats and helicopter service.

He said that special Steering Committee of Health has been set up to provide medical treatment in flood-hit areas. The committees are working with cooperation of international institutions. At least 544 health centers have been set up in flood-hit areas while 72 more Health centers are being set up to tackle water borne diseases in flood hit areas. It is relevant to mention here that Health programmes for 5 years old children are available at the health centers.

PM lauded services of doctors and medical staff at the health centers. He said that International community is fully cooperating with the government of Pakistan to steer the country out of this crucial time..

He said that European Union has increased the aid amount from 30 million euro to 70 million euro. The government has provided 1202 million aid. He said that affected families are being given Rs 20,000 while monthly Rs 12,000 would be given to the affected families under Benazir Income Support Programme till three months.

Prime Minister while informing the future planning of the government said that the government would use all its resources for the reconstruction purposes for next three years. While development funds would be utilized for the rehabilitation of the flood affected areas and governmental expenditures would be reduced. Relief operation will continue till next 6-months. The first round of our strategy would complete on 30th December, 2010. The World Bank, other national and international institutions would complete their survey till 30th September regarding the cost of loss. The International Donors Conference will be called in October or November.

he government has formulated a policy for quick and immediate rehabilitation of the flood victims. Therefore, in this connection the number of artificial forests to be augmented while strict action would be taken against the Timber Mafia. We would be able come out from this havoc with the help and support of the public and international community. The government machinery is doing its best for the rehabilitation process, therefore, political parties should come forward to help out the affectees who are in trouble. The people have the right to use all the resources of the country.

PM, Gilani has said that terrorists are still killing the innocents when the country is passing trough a tense situation due to colossal flood devastation, which is deplorable.

Those who attacked mercilessly on the processions of Martyrdom Hazrat Ali, it shows that the brutal killers have no concern with the religion and innocent believers. He said that this year nation would observe Eid-ul-Fitr with simplicity.

PM said, “I would celebrate Eid day with flood affectees and I also urged to my cabinet and parliament members to spend their Eid day with flood victims to show solidarity among them”.

The PM relief fund has not been established for any political gain, rather the accumulated fund would be distributed or used for the flood victims with sincerely. Despite that if any one has objection then he/she can deposit its charity to any one else. In this connection the Armed Forces and several other institutions have deposited their one-day salary in PM relief fund, he said.

However, the strategy would be formulated regarding the disbursement of funds during the meeting in Council of Common Interests. All institutions who are being involved to collect funds they should transfer these funds to the people honestly, he added.

Gilani said that he didn’t see the same devotion and passion of 2005 earthquake, however, this time flood has damaged the whole country because in 2005 earthquake only few districts were damaged.

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