Police unable to find solid evidence of match fixing against Pak players

The Lords Cricket Test match fixing scandal has entered its final and dramatic phase, with the Scotland Yard’s investigation team failing to find any concrete evidence of match fixing.

Responsible and reliable sources of Scotland Yard had informed on Tuesday that despite ‘the video and other proofs’ as provided by the British tabloid, no credibility has been so far established regarding the scandal so far.

Hence there have been no proofs that the main scandalous and shadowy character of match fixer, Mazhar Majeed ever had any contacts with fast bowlers Muhammad Asif or Muhammad Aamir.

Besides the video provided to Scotland Yard also fails to display the usual time and date formats as depicted in any such videos. Sources have informed that Scotland Yard feels that all no balls by Pakistani team during the Lords Test Match were delivered quite well before they were inducted in the video tape by the notorious Match fixer. However the video was closely scrutinized by Scotland Yard foe further evidences.

Sources have also expressed that Scotland Yard was also toying with the notion of a possible trap laid and executed by the notorious British tabloid, of indulging in false reporting in a bid to soil the name of Pakistani team.

It is also doubtful that the alleged notes as displayed (having dubious denominations) were really UK pounds 10,000 at all!

Replying to a question, sources informed that first information, lists and other proofs provided to Scotland Yard, claiming that Pakistani players did possess 1,50,000 UKL at all: a prize Scotland Yard and British police desperately sought during their joint raid. Other objects recovered from the rooms of the players also failed to yield any results or credible proofs.

Investigators were also trying to solve the mystery, as to why the notorious British tabloid had published the report two days later, as the no-balls of Pakistani players were conducted on the (very same) second day of the test match.

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