Lord’s Test: Seven Pakistani players involved in match fixing: British media

A shocking and embarrassing news that appeared in the British Media on Sunday says that some Pakistani players, including its captain are involved in match fixing during the current test series between Pakistan and England.

According to media reports some Pakistani players including the captain Salman Butt, wicket keeper Kamran Akmal, fast bowler Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Aamir and three other players are believed to be involved in group match fixing act during the test series.

Reports say that Scotland police raid in the room of Pakistani players and recovered 2.5 lake pounds whereas there laptops, cell phones and other documents have also been taken into custody.

The report says that Pakistani bowlers were said to be bowled deliberate no-balls and wide balls during the match.

The report also says that one Pakistani player has also been arrested.

The report says that a British Newspaper has spent 1.5 lake pounds to reach to the group of match fixers and recovered the video and documental proof of this match fixing scam.

More updates to come.

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3 comments on “Lord’s Test: Seven Pakistani players involved in match fixing: British media

  1. this can be a conspiracy against our cricketers . Leken ager ye such hey tou mujy apni pakistani cricket team aur vo players jo en mein involve hein bohat ziada sharmindagi hey, en sub ko mulk badar ker daina chaye ager ye bat sahi hey

  2. i totally agree with iffat leken es bar inquiry committees nai baithani chayein vo sub khud milay huy hein

  3. well all is wrong and there is need of strict actions. but our government have no such right because of thier own reputation. i do not know how various politicians claim to take strict actions, as they are themselves big plunders and gamblers. players only play with the sentiments of Pakistanese, they do not cut down poor people’s food and other basic neccesities of life to enjoy luxirious life. whereas our politicians are enjoying plundered money of this poor nation and put them in extreme hunger, thirst and poverty.

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