SIALKOT:Transferring of police officials continues

Transferring of police officials continues  following the tragic incident of two brothers lynching in Sialkot on August 15.

According to police quarters, nothing including suspension, departmental inquiry and even trials in the past could change anything for the police officials who were seen holding their positions as it was.

After the brutal lynching of two brothers in Sialkot CSP officers were either suspended or removed. A number of similar instances had come up time after time in the past too in which police officials were awarded punishment on ineligibilities or derelictions. But nothing really improved on the long-term basis.

It appears as though the current action against the police officials will also prove to be a cosmetic touch up and fail to bring any concrete improvement in the functioning of our law enforcement agencies.

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One comment on “SIALKOT:Transferring of police officials continues

  1. SIALKOT15//8/10 OH MY GOD WILL THEY GET JUSTICE?WHY STILL MANY OF CRIMINALS NOT ARRESTED? WILL EVERY TIME MEDIA POINT OUT AND CJ TO TAKE SUMMOTO ACTIONS?WHY NOT ANY DEPARTMENT WITH OFFICERS 100%NEAT CLEAN RECORD AND EXPERIENCE WHICH ONLY AFRAID OF ALLAH.WHICH CAN KEEP CHECK ON ALL LAW ENFORCING AGENCIES SPECIALY ON POLICE CUSTOM EXCISE WHICH MISS USE THERE POWERS ALWAYS AND FULL OF INCOMPETANT PEOPLE.This worst tragedy will be forgotten after some time?Shame on politicians and beurocrates even on such unforgettable tragedy they started politics tooked action so late feel only hope for people is CJ Iftikhar And Media news or news papers but DCO SHERDIL,DPO CHOHAN,DG1122 RIZWAN,SHO ILYAS,SP,DIG CHEEMAand their criminal incompetant staff and wild criminal dogs of butter village all people who watched specialy who beaten should be punished more then any one can ever think which become a lesson for corrupt officers.But the culprits who killed them should be given so much pain before killing them so no one ever make such mistake again while whole nation watch it like UAE.After all words are too less to say how bad they did with that2guys even watever is the story.

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