Growing Sex trade in Pindi, Police to start crackdown against providers

On continious demand of civil society and other social, religious segments the Rawalpindi Police has started crack down against the brothel houses and people running brothels in different areas of the city.

Police said that those who are involved in running brothels– — the common habitations of prostitutes; will be fined and imprisoned.

Station House Officer (SHO) Pirwadhai said that the cases would be registered against all those who are involved in this nefarious crime of prostitution and other concerned officials if any complaint being received against the police officials.

Meanwhile, some reliable sources said that in several other parts of the region sex trade is being continued and it has said that certain police officials to their relevant regions are involved in this immoral business. The areas including Pirwadhai, GPO Chowk, Gulzar e Quaid, Qasai Gali, Bhabra Bazaar, Khayaban, Katrian, Commercial Market, Dhok Hasu, Satellite town, Dhok Najo, Dhok Akbar Ali, Foji Colony and Sadiqabad are famous for prostitution business centres.

Sources further said that there are certain hotels in which few police officials are also being involved. The hotels including Jamil Firdousi Hotel, Neelam Hotel and other hotels. In Sadiqabad, Afghani girls who are being involved in this wicked activity famous in this area. While slums of Rata Amraal have also been involved in illicit sex business.

However, civil society and other social, religious segments have demanded that strict actions should be taken against the concerned people in the blessed month.

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  1. in this story afghani girl, is just a politikal issue using this name, making peshawri balochis against afghanistan, there could be chinese russian punjabi most, not afghans, you could go kabul and check that, which society they are and how, is there something no, and 4 million pashtoons 7% tajiks used to live in pak for some 3 years. and shame on pakistani people knowing afghanistan is the second border to them, and using this words against them, while indians never used u can’t find something like this about afghans in india, definately if they are going abroad far from their borders something could happen to afghans but not here, or afghanistan, there could be in countries but really really less, I think as pakistanis declared ahmadis as kufars, afghans should declare pakistanis as kufars in the face of muslim, what kinda explanation kufars have and, pakistan, when they think afghanistan, the second 3rd sony populus country is involved in this situation, they are forgetting their own existence, and making it a shame for abdalis ghoris ghaznawis, I don’t need to mention,

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