Sialkot murder case: judicial commission completes inquiry

The Inquiry officer into Sialkot torture case detailed by Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Retd Kazim Malik said he has  collected legal, cogent and convincing evidence of the incident and has reached on the right conclusion.

He was addressing a press conference here on Tuesday.

“I have gone in a microscopic examination of the incident and have recroded statements of more than hundred persons belonging to diverse segments from layman to officials and have gathered sufficient material to reach the conclusion”,  he maintained adding the compiling of report will take 2 to 3 days before he submits it to the chief justice of Pakistan.

Kazim Malik held that his report will consist of two parts, the first dealing with circumstantial facts and second with recommendations while it would be a prerogative of apex court to make the report public or not.

Responding a question he claimed that he did not have any pressure what so ever during the whole process of inquiry, “in whole of the corporeal career of my life I never exposed to the literal meaning of word pressure, he emphasized

In response to the incisive questions by media he candidly reiterated the he was an inquiry officer, not an investigation officer to lay hands on the culprits, “I have subtly dug out the incident to examine every aspect” he made clear adding absence of SHO did not matter in the inquiry process.

Certain TV channels have also helped me in the process but I will not disclose the names to save other from being hurt he observed.

Click here to view the Report, PDF format

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