Sialkot killing: Rescue 1122 also involved in Sialkot double murders

A new video footage has been received by a local TV channel of Pakistan Dunya News, which showed the personnel of Rescue 1122 helping out the accused in the pitiless murders of two brothers.

The video showed that the Rescue men are tying both the brothers. The spokesperson of Rescue 1122 while talking to a local TV channel said that strict action would be taken against those found involved in the incident. He said that Sialkot Rescue head office is probing the alleged involvement, adding that the organization would itself get a case registered in this regard.

Meanwhile emotionally charged protestors staged a demonstration against the brutal killing of two brothers in front of office of Rescue 1122 in Sialkot and pelted the office building with stones, forcing the staff to run away and find cover.

Protestors gathered in Sialkot to stage a demonstration against the barbaric killing of two brothers by declaring them decoits previous Sunday.

Some angry young men made it outside the office of Rescue 1122 building and started attacking it with stones, smashing the windowpanes of the building. The staff present in the office resorted to run away from the office to save their lives.

Police resorted to baton charge the emotionally charged protestors to bring the situation under control. The protestor kept on echoing slogans against Rescue 1122 and in favor of Geo News.

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3 comments on “Sialkot killing: Rescue 1122 also involved in Sialkot double murders

  1. We have seen too much of hue and cry of media hawkers. But they are silent or mis-guiding on a very important aspect of the tragedy – that is the background of this sorrowful incident. There is a re-action to an action… Can someone tell what was that ACTION from the side of offended party, to which such a brutility and fury from general public, including police, was the RE-ACTION.

  2. the boys were innocent and the killers worse that the most brutal rabid dogs ever to walk gods green earth, the same applies to the police and the rest of the 2000/3000 spectators, and zahid the is no action in the world that justifies this type of reaction, to merely ask for a justification proves you are a pakistani

  3. Zahid your comments show exactly what is wrong with your country. NO action deserves a reaction like this. Here in the civilsed world there is a way of doing justice that is evidently not carried out in Pakistan.

    We now live in a world were the kuffar are much more humane and decent than so called muslims in Pakistan. These people are beneath animals and you are no better for trying to find justification for this inhumane, barbaric lawlessness.

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