Rehman Malik terms ‘Sialkot-incident’ as national dilemma

Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik termed ‘Sialkot-incident’ as a national dilemma and reiterated that all the elements including police personnel involved in the incident would be punished strictly.

Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer and Federal interior minister Rehman Malik visited the home of two brothers Mughees,17, Muneeb,15, here on Sunday, who were tortured to death in Sialkot three days ago and expressed heartfelt condolence with the family.

Interior minister said that all the elements involved in brutal murder would be punished strictly added that the killers of both the brothers would be hanged at the very place, where they were tortured to death.

He also stated that the inquiry committee had been conducing investigations over the incident and all the police personnel, who had supported the killers, would be exposed soon.

Interior minister also said that up till, police had held 10 people and four police personnel involved in killing of both the deceased brothers.

While Governor Punjab talking to the bereaved family sought apology on behalf of the nation over the brutal killing of the youths and thanked Chief Justice of Pakistan for taking suo-moto notice over the unfortunate incident.

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