India releases 18000 cusec water in River Ravi: Flood warning issued

Flood warning has been issued here to five drainages of of River Ravi catchment areas in wake of possible flood due to release of water in river Ravi by India here on Saturday.

As per details, India has release 18000-cusec water in river Ravi that could cause flood in five drainages of Narowal and Shaker Garh.

Metrological department had predicted water level in river Ravi would remain low during next 24 hours but after release of water by India low-level flood has hit drainage Bhutsen and Basantar of River Ravi catchment area.

At least 168 villages along river Ravi have been evacuated in wake of possible flood while district administration has been red alerted in Narowal and Sialkot. The flood center in Lahore has given prior high flood warning in drainage located in Shakar Garh.

More four drainages Basantar, Jhajri, Oojh and Khattar could be affected by the possible flood.

Water inflow of 70,000 cusec at Shahdara could cause massive destruction.

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