Flood victims in search of food as looting relief goods obstructing relief efforts

Army personnel distributing food among the flood affectees of Rojhan

The provincial government machinery has been rendered ineffective and is virtually left the flood victims on their own to combat their problems.

The families have moved around the motorway in the search of food and shelter but none is there to attend to their miseries. Seized by anguish and anger, the people are throwing stones on buses, trucks and cars.

Not only the government has become ineffective in providing relief to the people but is also not protecting the private organizations who want to provide food, clothes and tents to floods victims.

“The greatest problem we are facing is security. The province is infected by chaos and anarchy. Trucks carrying relief goods are not reaching their destination as they are being attacked and looted in the way,” said Dr. Khalid Mufti, the leading psychiatrist whose NGO, Horizon, is in relief efforts in the neighboring districts of Peshawar.

“Given the poor law and order situation we are seriously thinking about postponing our relief efforts and confining ourselves to the city of Peshawar,” he told Online on telephone.

“I spend whole day in my advance age at Ibadat Hospital in Peshawar where we are treating the patients facing minor dedicational problems to psychiatric diseases but what I am really worried about is the anarchy that can reach the provincial capital if the government does not take the problem seriously and make fool proof arrangements for the rehabilitation of the flood victims,” Dr. Mufti noted.
Given the poor performance of the provincial government Dr. Khalid Mufti asked the federal government to revive, immediately, the Civil Defense Authority to let the relief agencies carry on their job.

Dr. warned that the anarchy and disorder that has now reached areas around motorway will reach Peshawar if the government does not spring to action right now.

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