No threat of flooding in Ravi, Satluj Rivers: Met Dept

Meteorological Department has dismissed reports of threats of floods in Ravi and Satluj Rivers and said that water situation in these rivers is normal.

Director General Meteorological department Qamar-uz-Zaman Chaudhary talking to said that there have been no warnings issued of floods in the Rivers of Satluj and Ravi and the water flow in the rivers is normal however he said torrential rains are expected within next two days across the country but they wont cause any flood like situation.

Met department has been keeping a vigilance on flood situation in the country and will keep on informing the public from any possible inundation in these Rivers.

Meanwhile Lahore District Authorities have issued a flood warning to the people residing the low-lying areas in and around River Ravi asking them to evacuate.

DCO Sajjad Bhutta said, ‘Currently the situation is under control, however a 0.1million cusecs water could inundate low-lying areas from Ravi Syphon to Shahdra along River Ravi’.

He said that the locals have been asked to stay alert and move to safer places, adding that intimation regarding the flood would be issued 24 hours before. He maintained that the low areas around Ravi would be evacuated as precautionary measure.

According to sources All dams of India have been filled and Indian could release the extra water any time flooding the Rivers Sultlaj and RAvi

However according to Indus Water River Authrorities the water flow in Ravi is normal and there is no danger. They said that India is bound to tell Pakistan 24 hours before releasing the water and so far they have receive no intimation to this effect.

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