Religious Minister strongly condemns plan for holding of “International Burn of Quran Day

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, Syed Hamid Saeed Kazmi has strongly condemned a plan for holding of “International Burn of Quran Day”, to be hosted by a church of Florida, United States on the anniversary of the September 2001 terror attack, as reported on the internet.

The Church is promoting the event on its website and Facebook page and has invited Christians to burn the Muslim holy book at its premises from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm, he deplored.

In a statement issued here today, the Minister described this plan as great shock for the Muslim Community, adding that if the said event takes place, there would be a great chaos and turmoil in the world. He expressed fear that there would be chances of attacks on the churches across the world.
He said that Islam discourages extremism and terrorism and teaches patience and tolerance and advocates peace as well. He added that Muslim countries especially Pakistan suffered a lot due to terror attacks, adding Pakistan played vital role as front line ally in war against terror.

The Minister was of the view that such shock full and shameful event would dent the sentiments of Muslims that will ignite the feelings of Muslim community across the world which would detrimental for efforts of maintaining peace in the world.

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