At least 40-passneger dead as bus plunges into River Jhelum

As many as Forty passengers drowned when a passenger bus plunged into River Jhelum near Ghari-Dhupatta in Muzaffarabad.

According to details a passenger bus packed with approximately 60 passengers was heading from Muzaffarabad to Peshawar here on Thursday when plunged into River Jhelum near Hudyara village. Rescue teams and people from nearby villages reached on the scene immediately after the incident and rescued five persons alive, while dead bodies of ten persons including a woman and two children were also brought out from the river.

Rescue teams using heavy cranes also brought out the structure of the bus from the river. Rescue teams and police said that approximately 30 dead bodies of the passengers have swept away in the river as water flow in the River has been very fast owing to prevailing flood.

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