All aspects of Airplane crash to be investigated, says Chairman PIA

Chairman PIA Ijaz Haroon on Thursday again made it clear that investigations are underway from all angles concerning the ill-fated Air Blue plane which crashed into the Margallah Hills in Islamabad just before landing on Wednesday morning.

During a quick chat with Media on Thursday, Chairman PIA Ijaz Haroon said some anti state elements want to politicize the issue by saying that how come the plane fell in a ‘No Flying Zone’.

He said that we have given our full assurance to the Chairman Air Blue.

He expressed deep regret and sorrow over the lost of innocent lives and condoled with the families of the passengers and air crew terming it the third deadliest air crash in the history of Pakistan.

Earlier a funeral in absentia was offered for the martyred souls at the PIA headquarters with respect to the unfortunate air crash in the heart of Islamabad as a lovely morning turned into mountain of tears, fright and panic.

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