Time to decide who would remain till 2013: Nawaz

Pakistan Muslim League chief Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said we would not compromise on the issue of fake degrees adding that with regard to giving an extension to Gen Kayani his stance is cleat only time would tell who would remain till 2013.

Talking to media outside hospital after inquiring the health of Makhdoom Javed Hashmi here on Monday Nawaz Sharif said his party wants to see strengthening of institutions our politics is not to get power. He said we want implementation of Charter of Democracy.

He held that continuing the spirit of Charter of Democracy ‘N’ League joined the government and soon disillusioned the way PPP lead government tread. Every one know the principle stance of PML N he eloquently summed up.

Lauding the efforts of Abid Sher Ali chairman, National Assembly Standing Committee on Education for exposing the rotten stuff of our society, deciding Nation’s destiny. “We have been closely observing the progress and will not allow digesting this scam”, he maintained.

Responding a question regarding extension of the Army Chief in the light of CoD, Nawaz neatly by-passed the query by saying “there are other matters also beyond CoD”.

Regarding resolution against media, he said we would not let any one misuse the party platform. He also commended medias for bring in the lime light bogus degree holders.

Answering a question that PML N policies have rendered it alone, he claimed we started alone and turned into a masses party. PML placed the judges in the seats to decide independently and today they are free to act according to constitution.

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