Target killings continue in Karachi: Nine more killed

Target killings continue unabated in the metropolitan city as nine more were shot dead during last 12 hours. The death toll has reached to 18 during last 36 hours.

Three people including Mohammad Fazal, 27 were killed in Malir, Saudabad and Lyari town, reported a private TV channel.

According to the police sources, the body of an unknown men was found from Kalakot area of Karachi,the deceased were not identified yet.

Some unknown gunmen killed a resident of Saudabad while Sher Niazi, 27 was shot dead in Orangi town. Tahir Ali was gunned down in Model Colony, that is said to be a worker of MQM.

A tortured body was found near a lake in Pak Colony old Golimar, the dead bodies of Syed Amjad Ali, 28 and Mohammad Khan Colony, 25 were found from Surjani town, who were shot dead after kidnapping.

An unknown man was targeted in Khokhra Par.

Due to the burial of the two ANP workers, who were shot dead in Gulistan-e-Johar yesterday, all business of the areas of Pehlwan Goth, Shah Faisal Colony and Malir remained closed.

The citizens of the metropolis have declared target killing incidents, as a failure of the government.

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