PML-N not to remain silent over wrong-deeds of Govt: Nawaz

PML-N Quaid, Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that his party would not remain silent over the prejudices of the government.

According to statement issued here on Sunday, the Quaid PML-N condemned the maltreatment of the government with Chairman HEC, Javed Leghari and said that the raids and arrestments are disgraced actions. He asked the government to avoid from the illegal and unconstitutional acts, as they would not keep silent over unfairness of the government.

PML-N Quaid opined that the raid at the house of Javed Leghari and arrestment of his brother is reflection of the dictatorship minds. He said that unknown hands trying to stop Chairman HEC to perform his duties and aim of this action is to protect fake degree holders.

The beauty of the democracy is that all the institutions work within their limits while recent steps of the government are not good gesture for the democratic setup.

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