6 more degrees of Parliamentarians declared bogus

Punjab University (PU) has declared 6 more degrees of Parliamentarians as fake and the number of bogus degrees has risen to 30 from 24. \

The Spokesman Punjab University has stated that out of 314 degrees of parliamentarians, sent by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for verification purposes to the University, a verification report regarding 217 degrees has been sent to HEC on Tuesday out of which 6 degrees have been declared bogus.

The Spokesman said that the entire relevant record pertaining to the 314 degrees is available with the PU Examinations Branch and the Special Examination Committee has left no stone unturned to complete the verification work as early as humanly possible. The University has already returned the photocopies of degrees of eight parliamentarians which were very vague and illegible. The verification report regarding the remaining 97 degrees will be sent to the HEC at earliest possible time.

After sending 217 degrees to HEC, the number of degrees, received by HEC has risen to 593.

Earlier, HEC had received 376 degrees after confirmation from different universities and out of these degrees, 24 were declared fake.

Meanwhile, PU has sought two more days for checking of degrees of members Parliamentarians.

Registrar PU, Dr. Naeem informed that the process of securitizing of degrees is underway secretly.

Karachi University has also sent 103 degrees of member Parliamentarians to HEC.

According to a private TV channel while quoting sources of KU, the degree of Faisal Raza Abidi has been declared authentic.

However, verifying note has not been written due to unavailability of photocopy, reported by the channel.

According to the channel, KU has refused to comment on the degrees of Yaqoob Bazinjo and Jameel Malik as their cases are in court.

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