Lawyers protest, stoning over judges vehicles in Lahore Session court

Lawyers protested against the alleged ill-mannered behaviour of session judge Zawar Ahmed Sheikh in Lahore Session Court (LSC) while during protest lawyers stoned the vehicles of judges, whereas civil judges as protest have gone on leaves for 15 days as they are receiving threats from Lahore Bar.

As per private TV channel, lawyers have passed a resolution against the humiliating behaviour of session judge Zawar Ahmed Khan in Lahore District Bar and in this regard supreme court of Pakistan has also been notified.

According to the report, lawyers had requested to session judge Zawar Ahmed not to come in the court, despite that he came to the court, upon which lawyers got agitated and started protest. However, lawyers tried to lock up their chambers but police stopped them to do so.

They said that session judge Zawar by calling other judges in court has tried to aggravate the situation and had attempted to form a union against the lawyers. Later when judges departed from court premises, the lawyers started stoning their vehicles and raised chanted slogans against them.

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