PM, President urge for serious steps regarding country’s population

Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani and President Asif Ali Zardari on the occasion of ‘World Population Day’ in separate messages said that this day demands serious contemplation by everyone – from ordinary citizen to government leaders and policy planners – to think about the challenges and issues of exploding population.

According a press statement issued here on Saturday, both the Prime Minister and President said that two decades ago Pakistan’s population was less than 80 million and today according to some estimates it has almost reached the 200 million mark. This fast pace of population growth should make us pause and reflect on its impact on the available resources and infrastructure, they added by saying if the population continues to grow at this rate, it will not be too long when our resources will just not be able to support the people.

President opined that the theme for this year” Everyone Counts” highlights the importance of population data for planning and framing policies both at the micro and macro levels. He said, “It is also imperative to sensitize the masses about the importance of demographic data collection and compilation. Individuals, households and communities should be encouraged to participate effectively in census and demographic surveys and birth and death recording systems”.

The PM said that the knowledge of the correct size of population, its growth rate, rural and urban migration patterns, housing, education etc are vital for formulation and implementation of measures for the uplift of masses. It has a special significance for a developing country like ours because incorporating accurate information can lead to measured steps aimed at improving the quality of life of teeming millions in Pakistan, he added.

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