Govt should not try to take on the role of SC: Nawaz

The chief of his own faction of Pakistan Muslim League, Nawaz Sharif reiterated on Thursday that government steps are “threatening democracy” adding that the govt should not try to take on the role of Supreme Court.

Speaking to newsmen before his departure for London at Lahore airport, the PML-N chief criticized the ruling quarters for their steps. “Government’s measures are threatening democracy.”

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif was also present on the occasion.

The government should not take on the role of judiciary, but must follow the court directions, he said, adding that the courts were being made controversial by ‘conspirator elements’. He said that the judiciary was reinstated with the power of the people and public representatives should respect the courts.
The government has the mandate of the people which it should respect and therefore respect the judiciary,” Nawaz said.

He said in order to save judiciary we tolerated the criticism of being friendly opposition and struggled for nine years against the dictatorship

Deploring the letter written by the official of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to judiciary as highly condemnable, Nawaz said the effort is afoot at present to make the courts controversial, adding his party cannot attest to this maligning drive, which is aimed to keep under wraps government failures.

On this occasion, the PML-N chief said he wont play a silent spectator on grave misconduct of the government, adding, ‘We should support the courts.’

Nawaz said the rulers were running campaign to coverup their corruption, adding that the National Accountability Bureau was established by former dictator Pervez Musharraf to victimize his political rivals.

Rs50 billion involves the scam of Bank of Punjab (BoP), which amounts to half of the Kerry-Lugar Bill, Sharif informed adding this is such a huge amount that the PML-N cannot let the issue go unattended.

He continued, ‘The government should show out the suicide bombers present among government ranks, who would ultimately ruin the government to the core.’

He said that after the tragic Data Darbar incident demands were made for resignation of the Chief Minister and other ministers we were given examples of Baghdad and Kofa. Terrorists attack occurred in other parts of the country also but we had never demanded anyone to resign. We ourselves went to the refugees camp and Punjab stood by them.

He said a major terrorism attack was made at Marriott Hotel in Islamad but we never said that the govt has failed and neither we demanded resignation from the center. On the return of Benazir 20 people were killed at Karachi airport no one than sough resignation from Musharraf govt.

The two-time former Prime Minister said terrorism is not an issue of one but is a problem of the entire country instead of indulging in blame game we should sit together and solve the problem.

He said a national conference should be summoned on terrorism but “homework should be done before calling the conference”. He said that security agencies should be summoned along with provincial govts to devise a strategy for overcoming this menace.

In response to a question he said PML-N has a clear stance on fake degree holders.

Nawaz Sharif said that on water distribution we will cooperate fully with Sindh however rights of water to any province should not be politicized.

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