Parliamentarians under a hammer: Provincial Governor assigned special task on degree issue

Various High government personalities and Ministers have started pressurizing concerned Universities for clearance of fake degrees of all Members of the Parliament and Provincial Assemblies while provincial governors representing Center have been given special task.

The Governors, sources say have started secret meetings with VCs of universities.

Reliable sources inform that in view to avoid political turmoil and shame, government high ups are trying to pressurize concerned universities for the clearance of fake degrees thus all provincial governors have been assigned special task and accordingly they will summon Vice Chancellors respectively for the verification of degrees.

Sources say that Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat ul Abad will meet Vice Chancellor of the Sindh University Jamshore Dr Nazir and Dr Qasim Raza Sadiqui in a special meeting in Karachi for the said purpose while Governor Punjab Salman Taseer will meet Vice Chancellor of Bahauddin Zikria University Dr Zafar Ullah Khan besides Chancellor of the Punjab University Dr Mujahid Kamran respectively.

It must be mentioned here that Higher Education Commission for the verification of degrees has given a sheer deadline of July 13 to all universities and after that a formal report will be presented before the Election Commission.

Accordingly, when a government spokesman was contacted he was of a clear cut stance that there is no pressure whatsoever on HEC from the side of the government stressing that universities are undoubtedly independent on taking any decision concerning degrees.

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