Suicide attacker of ‘Data-Darbar’ identified

One of the first suicide attacker of ‘Data Darbar’ has been identified as Usman resident of Hadyara area of Barki in the vicinities of district Lahore.

The suicide attacker Usman blew himself up at ablution point of ‘Data-Darbar’ on Thursday night and his family members identified him during a TV footage that was aired on TV channels, later family members of alleged suicide attacker came to mortuary of the hospital and confirmed his identification.

Media reports further informed that the suicide attacker was between 18 to 22 years old.

While law enforcement agencies held brother of alleged suicide attacker and shifted him to unidentified place to gain further information about the suicide attacker.

Meanwhile family-members of alleged suicide attacker Tariq said that Tariq was missing from the house from last few days.

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