Terrorists plot massive attack on parliament

The intelligence agencies have informed the federal and provincial governments that extremists are planning for a massive attack , similar to the ones carried out in Jinnah Hospital Lahore and City Courts Karachi to secure release of their colleagues.

Sources said that all provincial governments and other concerned agencies have been warned to ensure security because the terrorists were planning for a massive attack on important personalities and sites after the havoc at Lahore on Ahmadis. Their possible targets might be religious sites belonging to minorities as well as Parliament House and Lodges.

In this connection it is learnt that the attacks would be a coordinated group activity possibly in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi and Multan. The report also recommends that hearings of arrested terrorists be held within the jail premises to ensure security. It may be noted that sixteen hundred belong to defunct religious outfits out of the total four and a half thousand arrested terrorists.

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