Pakistan condemns use of force against peace Flotilla

Pakistan has strongly condemned the use of brazen force by Israel against a humanitarian Mission that was embarked on delivering humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza.

At least 10 foreign activists were killed early Monday, the Israeli military confirmed, after the navy stormed a flotilla of six ships bound for the Gaza Strip with aid.

“The killing of members of this humanitarian mission, which also included women, is brutal, inhuman and constitutes a flagrant violation of international law and norms”, Foreign office spokesman said.

The Government of Pakistan is seriously concerned over the well-being and whereabouts of the Pakistani citizens and media personnel including Syed Talat Hussain and Raza Mahmood Agha who were on board the Flotilla bound for Gaza, he said.

“The Foreign Ministry is in constant touch with its Missions in the region to ascertain the well-being of our nationals”, he said.

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