Water level at Attaabad lake still rising

Water level has risen up to two feet in Attabad Lake due to fresh land sliding, while the water is slowly pouring out of the lake through the spillway.

“Fresh land sliding in Shashkat area and melting of glaciers due to sunny weather have increased the water level of the artificial lake by 2 feet, and resulted in inundating of few more houses in Gilmat,” local officials have said.

Near 3000 cusecs water is coming in the lake now, while no change in the water flow was witnessed at spillway which is releasing 200-300 cusecs since yesterday morning when it started pouring out water, Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Lt. Gen. (R) Nadeem Ahmed was quoted as telling newsmen.

The water pressure has remained low since Saturday morning, brushing aside the fears that artificial lake could burst in the next few hours resulting in massive flash floods in the region.

“Next few hours are still crucial as the water flow may reach its maximum intensity and cause flooding in downstream areas,” local officials insist.

The lake near village Attabad was created due to a massive landslide on in January, which blocked the Hunza river. It is located 109 kilometers northeast of Gilgit city and 19 kilometres east of Hunza city.

Authorities have already moved thousands of people living in downstream areas to safer places.

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