Only thieves, fake degree holder are privileged in this country: DR AQ Khan 

Nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan deplored that he gave his life but his services have never been valued, adding that only fake degree holders and thieves are given privileges in this country. 

Talking to media at his residence, after the LHC decision allowing him free movement, on Friday, a beaming Khan said that the decision of the court is great but it is yet to seen how much the order is implemented. He said that he is grateful to the love this nation has given him.

He said that if the LHC order is not implemented he would file a contempt of court request

He said that in 1984 the nukes were prepared and he had told Gen Zia that nuclear bombs could be tested in a week. He said 7 nuclear bombs were successful. 

He said that former President Pervez Musharraf had sold out the country’s sovereignty to the than US president George Bush. He said that the consequences of Musharraf’s actions are being borne by the whole country.

He said that he is deeply grieved that he gave his life but his services have never been valued, adding that only fake degree holders are given privileges in this country. He said they are the ones who are reelected and given top posts.

He said that the situation in the country is a worry for everyone and in the current circumstances there is no chances that this govt would bring a viable change. He said that the poor people are being burdened with added taxes, the power situation is giving everyone sleepless nights, inflation continues to rise and no steps are being taken by the govt to provide relief to the people.

In response to a query he said that no one from the opposition or the govt ever contacted him. He said Ch Shujaat often called him to ask after him, but Rehman Malik never fulfilled the promises he made with him. 

He said that he has no complaints with anyone his family had to bear many hardships   adding that he left his matter to Allah Almighty

Earlier, Lahore High Court ruled that his movement could not be restricted, as he is a free citizen of the country and disposed off the case filed by Dr Khan challenging his movement. 

The court ordered the Law ministry should abide by the deal the government made with the nuclear scientist regarding his security and look for it that Khan is not harmed. Dr Khan contended in his request that he was put under arrest in the pretext of protocol, while the government argued otherwise.

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