Respect judiciary, Nawaz told Govt

The chief of Pakistan Muslim League-N Nawaz Sharif has urge the government to respect the verdicts of judiciary, demanding that the looted money of national wealth must be got back.

Speaking to newsmen after convening a high level consultative meeting in the government house Murree on Tuesday, the PML-N said that the biggest challenge before the government is to form a system of good governance in the country.

“The Swiss cases against President Zardari should be opened and the looted money must be given back to nation,” Sharif said.

Urging the government to implement Supreme Court’s verdict on defunct NRO, the PML-N chief said “to steer the country out of prevailing crises the ruling quarters should honour the judicial verdict rather than bulldozing and defying it.”

The apex court Tuesday heard the case regarding non-implementation of its December 16, 2009 verdict on NRO and directed the government to file a comprehensive stance over the Swiss cases in next hearing.

The government stuck to its decision that it would not reopen graft cases against Zardari in Switzerland and told the court that reports about his alleged involvement in laundering of USD 60 million were “exaggerated.”

Federal Minister for Law Dr Babar Awan appeared before the apex court and informed the court that according to records there was no case filed in Switzerland, only investigations were made which were also one sided.

Sharif slammed the government for not addressing the key problems facing masses of the country.

“The government should get rid of the ministers who have benefitted from the NRO,” the two-time Prime Minister stressed the government.

The PML-N meeting reportedly discussed the possible government-judiciary confrontation, overall political situation and other party matters.

The PML (N) leadership from all the four provinces and members of the National and Provincial Assemblies belonging to Hazara were summoned to attend the party meeting in Murree.

During the meeting, Senator Ishaq Dar briefed the party leadership about the forthcoming fiscal budget to be presented in the National Assembly next month.

Consultation was also held with the legal and constitutional experts over the cases of 18th amendment and NRO, which are being heard by the apex court. (ARY news)

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  1. The government has made a sensible move regarding Swiss cases; it is the wisdom of Government that averted institutional clash. Those who cite examples from history witnessed that federal interior minister and Law minister appeared before court without any hesitation. But most painful thing is that there was even no single word of appreciation for these high profile officials. Govt proved that it respects judiciary and wants supremacy of law and justice. People of Pakistan are witnessing that country is slowly but steadily trying to move towards a truly democratic system. A confrontation between two of the country’s most important institutions would only have hampered the system. Such a situation would only benefit the undemocratic forces; the whole nation would have suffered had the government locked horns with the judiciary or vice versa. Pakistan has fought long and hard for a return to democracy. We can ill afford another military coup or a toppling of the democratic set-up.

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