No decision yet on extension of Army chief service tenure: PM

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said that the decision on extending the tenure of the army chief would be made when the time for it comes so far no decision has yet been made adding that the tension between the judiciary and the govt would soon be settled.

In an informal chat with senior journalists Thursday morning the PM said that defense minister statement regarding the extension in service of the army chief was inappropriate and premature he should not have given such a statement. He said that the decision on this would be taken when the time for it comes so far nothing has been decided.

With regard to pardon of Interior Minister Rehman Malik the PM said that there is no fight over this the president pardoned him on the issue that the minister could not appear before the court on the hearing of the cases and he was being punished for this. He said that it is highly inappropriate if a interior minister of nay government is sent to jail. He said that Interior Minister would face the courts on the real cases that are against him and any decision the court makes on these cases the govt would respect that and would follow through.

Prime Minister said that the current tension between the judiciary and the govt is not such a big deal and would be settled soon.

IN response to a question he said that no one can dissolve the govt we would complete our five years if term. The PPP govt is under no threat and neither there is a situation leading to clash between the institutions.

With respect to Jamshed Dasti, the PM said that criticism on him that he campaigned for Dasti is incorrect. It was the court that had allowed him to contest the elections. I went to his rally after the court granted him permission to contest the elections.

In response to a query the PM said that former president Pervez Musharraf on a single call from the US agreed to dance to the tunes of the US but our democratic govt would not do that and we would keep the national interest supreme. He said that our govt top priorities are well fare of the people and national interest.

The PM said that we are fully cognizant of the problems of the masses but time is required to counter all problems. If someone thinks that we can solve years old problems in a single moment than that is not possible.

He said that our govt is trying its best and is serious in giving this country a better future.

He said we need to be united as a nation to counter the challenges of power crisis extremism and terrorism and put the country on the path of prosperity and peace.

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