Nato forces launch offensive in Angur Adda’s adjacent Afghan area

NATO forces in Afghanistan has started a fresh offensive in an Afghan area adjacent to Angur Adda on Pak-Afghan border.

Military sources have refuted operation in Pakistani area or violation of airspace by the NATO forces, and said that no such incident took place.

According to the military sources, the NATO Forces had taken into confidence Pakistan’s security forces and military leadership before launch of operation in the Afghan area. According to reports, miscreant Taliban were amassing in the Afghan area adjoining Angur Adda while their movement also had become a regular feature which make it necessary to launch operation against them.

American and NATO helicopters and B-52 aircraft are particpating in the operation. Military sources described the reports as baseless and concocted that NATO forces have entered into Angur Adda or NATO and Pakistan’s forces exchanged fire.

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