BoP corruption: Hamesh Khan handed over to Pakistan

US has handed over prime accused in Bank of Punjab corruption case former Bank president Hamesh Khan over to Pakistan.

A two member NAB team would bring back Hamesh Khan today (Friday) via PIA flight.

Hamesh Khan was allegedly involved in Rs 9 billions fraud, but he fled from the country in June this year despite his name being on the Exit Control List (ECL) of the Interior Ministry.

NAB spokesman Ghazni Khan talking to Online told that the US Justice Department had issued surrender orders of Hamesh Kahn on Thursday.

NAB Deputy Prosecutor General Raja Amir Abbas, Deputy Director NAB Punjab and case officer Rizwan Kahn and Counselor Pakistan embassy Moin Habib were formally apprised of the extradition order after which Hamesh Kahn was handed over to the Pakistani authorities.

Hamesh Khan was under custody in Virginia however he was brought to Washington after Pakistan had formally requested US authorities to extradite him to Pakistan to face corruption charges.

NAB spokesman further told that a two member NAB team would bring Hamesh Kahn back to the country today (Friday) via PIA plane.

The US Embassy in Pakistan has already warned that Hamesh Khan would possibly be released on May 14 by the American authorities if Islamabad fails to timely convey to Washington its assurance for fair handling of the former Bank of Punjab president after his extradition to Pakistan. Hamesh Khan lost his case on March 14 in a Virginia court, which ordered his extradition to Pakistan.

Pakistan had assured the US that Hamesh Khan would be treated fairly and would not be tortured.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan had already directed the federal government to arrest or have arrested, the former President of Bank of Punjab Hamesh Khan, who is said to be involved in billions of rupees of fraud case.

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