Premature to make any statements about Faisal Shehzad: Qureshi

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Friday that the United States had acted in a balanced and a measured fashion in the Faisal Shahzad case, and that Pakistan was providing assistance and information in this regard.

Speaking to the media at Lahore airport, Qureshi has said that news in the media about Faisal Shehzad the accused of New York’s Time Square Bomb plot are based on incorrect information and speculation adding it was premature to make any statements until investigation was complete, but stated that the government had agreed to work with the US.

The Foreign Minister said the New York’s mayor has said that there would not be any vindictive action against Pakistanis in the United States of America.

To a question the Foreign Minister said when the US would officially ask for support in Faisal Shehzad’s case they will refer the information to the concerned departments. Pakistan will cooperate fully with the US in the investigations, he added.

He said it is not blame game but it is a matter of specific incident. Had there been an explosion a lot of citizens would have been killed, the Foreign Minister remarked. He said the objectives of both the US and Pakistan are shared they need to help each other.
Qureshi said that Pakistan was fighting the war on terror for its survival.

In response to another question Foreign Minister Qureshi said they have to see the status of military aid given to Pakistan. There should not be any doubt that military hardware would not be used against India, this hardware would be used against the terrorists in Pakistan, he added.

He further said the strategic dialogue between the US and Pakistan involves various sectors including water, economy and energy. He added the third session of strategic dialogue would be held in Islamabad.

In response to a question Qureshi said the relations between United Kingdom (UK) and Pakistan have improved in the recent past.

Speaking about the recent elections in the UK, Qureshi said Pakistan will foster good relations with any party that came into power.

About the beginning of the composite dialogue with India, Qureshi said all eight points of the composite dialogue would come under discussion whenever talks begin.

Qureshi further said the delegations of Pakistan and India had decided in Thimphu (Bhutan) that they would meet with each other after Pakistan’s budget was presented. He said all the issues would be discussed with India during the process of composite dialogue.

He said that India and Pakistan’s dialogue has resumed covering all the aspects of the composite dialogue. He said that it did not matter who was in the government and they hope the relations would remain the same.

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