Masses victims of Govt’s erroneous priorities, policies: Nawaz

PML (N) Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said his party is a representative party of all segments of the society including the poor and middle class and that it had worked for every Pakistani without any discrimination in the past.

Addressing a delegation of party workers from Khyber Pakhtunkhawa province here on Friday, he vehemently criticized the federal government’s policies saying people are facing great difficulties due to erroneous policies and priorities of the government. ” In such circumstances, the PML (N) will not leave the people alone,” he said adding his party will not refrain from rendering any sacrifice for the cause of people.

The PML (N) Quaid said that in the wake of February 2008 elections, restoration of judiciary and constitution, elimination of corruption and electricity crisis and resolution of masses problems were the top most priorities of the PML (N). However, the federal government wasted two years in the restoration of judiciary and constitution.

” Every day dawns with a new scandal while corruption is also on the rise”, Sharif regretted. He said the government should implement Supreme Court’s decision as non-compliance is adding woes of the people.

The PML (N) Quaid was of the view that the government would not have faced difficulties today if it had repealed 17th amendment forthwith in accordance with the Charter of Democracy while resolving other matters through the 19th amendment.

He noted that remnants of Parvez Musharraf are trying to spread anarchy in Hazara and they have been left scot-free in this regard. ” Our Party will make every possible effort for the rights of the people of Hazara.

Nawaz Sharif directed the party workers and leaders to rise above the personal interests and stand shoulder to shoulder with Chief of Organizing committee Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan for putting the party on strong footings in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa. Appreciating the sacrifices rendered by the people of the province, he said his party, on priority basis, would address the problems of backward areas including Hazara after coming into power

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