National Judicial Policy 2009 has helped control justice related problems: Supreme Court

A recent declaration from Supreme Court of Pakistan has declared that the National Judicial Policy 2009, (NJP 2010) under the able and effective guidance and leadership of CJP, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, has helped ease justice related problems, to a greater extent.

The declaration released on Thursday, has declared that great strides in finalizing pending mixed criminal and civil cases of subordinate, district, and High Courts, has been made; citing, that out of 17,410 cases registered in Supreme Court as on 31 March 2010 augmented by further 13089 new cases, was able to finalize 15052 of these cases. The current pending cases in Supreme Court amount to 17,247.

Similarly the federal Shariah Court has been able to finalize 105 cases, with 1,751 pending as on 30 April 2010. Lahore High Court has been able to finalize 11,182 cases, Sindh High Court 2126 cases, Peshawar High Court 1660 cases, and Balochistan High Court 256 cases.

It is pertinent to note that, the president Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Qazi Anwar had castigated the NJP 2010 for degrading all subordinate courts to the lowest level of a fish market, since according to this policy, there have been instances of formation of triple courts, over-burdening subordinate courts, and downgrading the quality of justice being disbursed to citizens.

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