Faisal Shahzad not Pakistani, but US citizen: Kaira

Federal Minister for Information Qamar uz Zaman Kaiar has said that the NY Times Square bomb suspect Faisal Shahzad is not a Pakistani but a US citizen and if the govt feels the need than it would contact the US government.

Talking to media after launching Web site of National Commission for Human Development and addressing the ceremony Kaira said that Pakistan is playing the role of front line state in the world’s largest war and the sacrifices made by Pakistan in the past two years has been acknowledged by the entire world.

He said that the presence of terrorism in this region cannot be negated but with the world’s help we can control the network of terrorism.

He said that the NY Time Square incident would not lead to deterring of Pak-US ties and with regard to Faisal Shahzad matter if the govt feels the need than it would contact US.

He said that the basic responsibilityof any state is to provide health, education and other facilities to the pubic and if it fails than this would lead to public resentment.

He said that our population comprises of 60 percent youth who are our asset and if we provide them education and other basic facilities than they could become our biggest force in the future.

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