Mush’s policies had damaged the Kashmir cause, says Qureshi

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that the revival of composite dialogue between Pakistan and India was the result of our successful foreign policy, adding that, Pakistan will continue the diplomatic and moral support of the Kashmiri people for peaceful settlement of the issue.

“We take Kashmiri leadership into confidence before holding talks with India on Kashmir issue”, he said while expressing his point of view on Kashmir policy in the National Assembly on Tuesday.

National interest is keystone of our foreign Policy and no comprise would be made in this respect, he said. The Foreign Minister made it clear that Pakistan’s point of view on Kashmir was akin to resolution adopted by United Nations. Peaceful resolution of Kashmir sans inclusion of Kashmir leadership in talks is impossible, he said.

The Policy adopted by Former President Gen. (Retd) Pervez Musharraf extensively harmed the Kashmir cause, he said. We are trying our level best to the loss inflicted over Kashmir in the previous government rule.

“Kashmir has been the keystone of the foreign policy of Pakistan and we will continue the diplomatic and moral support of the Kashmiri people for peaceful settlement of the issue,” the minister said.

We want result oriented talks with India, he said. Kashmir issue is in the agenda for dialogue with India, he said. Pakistan would narrow down its priorities in talks with India and core issues need to be dealt with first, Qureshi said.

The Foreign Minister while hailing talks between Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on the sideline of SAARC Summit said he was in Mumbai at time of incident of 26/11. He said discussing was underway on Kashmir at that time also and so far 4 rounds of composite have been occurred, he said. Despite break in composite dialogue, he said, Pakistan has taken up Kashmir and water issue at every forum.

We are answerable to Parliament and we have taken Parliament into confidence over every national and international issue, he said. He said he has written a letter to Kashmir leaders and invited them to visit Pakistan so that they could be consulted because ground realities are changing in Indian held Kashmir.

He stressed the need of unanimous stance on Kashmir by Kashmiris as well as Pakistani leadership. During last some year, some gruesome incidents have occurred in Indian occupied Kashmir, which created hue and cry in the world.

A report, which was released by US in 2009, has expressed concern over human rights violation in Indian held Kashmir, he said. Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Sindh during talks with Pakistani counterpart adopted a stance that India has no objection in revival of talks but perpetrators of Mumbai attack should be brought to justice.

“We are taking action against responsible of Mumbai attack and their trial is underway in the court and our courts are independent”, he said. The world has also acknowledged the sacrifices being rendered by Pakistani nation and Pakistani security forces in war against terrorism and extremism, he said.

Declaration of country’s nuclear arsenal safe and secure by US President Barack Obama was also ample proof of our successful foreign policy, he said. Water issue is also important and it could not be resolved through statements but it resolves through implementation on Indus river treaty, Qureshi added.

India tried to store 0.3 million acre feet water in Woller barrage but we took up the issue in constructive way and held 13 meeting with Indian in this respect and now no work is underway at this project, he said.

We are taking water issue at every forum and it would be handled under Indus water treaty, he told the lower house. We would also resolve issue of Kishan Ganga dam under Indus water treaty, he said.

He told the house that he is ready to take house into confidence to devise strategy on Kashmir and water issue and we are ready to give briefing to the Parliament also, he said.

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