Shujaat vows to table 19th Constitutional Amendment in next session

PML President Chaudhry Shujat Hussain Sunday announced to table the 19th Constitutional Amendment in the parliament saying his party had expressed its dissent on some clauses of the 18th amendment and now it wanted to do away with those all.

Addressing a press conference here along Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Kamli Ali Agha, Mustafa Malik, Imtiaz Ranjha, Amir Muqam and Nosheen Saeed, Shujat asked the coalition government not to blindly adhere to the politics of non-issues and rather shift its focus on resolving the serious issues being faced by the masses.

“The rulers should not make the mistakes committed in the 18th amendment as an issue of ego and rather they should learn lessons from the past and adhere to resolving the issues including price hike, inflation and load shedding,” he asserted.

He was of the view that after the passage of the 18th amendment from both houses of the parliament, the people were still confused on some clauses of the amendment. He said his party had raised its concerns and had also filed their note of dissent on at least four clauses; however, their reservations were overlooked by the ruling elites.

Elaborating the amendments his party was going to table in the upcoming parliamentary sessions, Shujat said though education was a provincial subject, hence, his party wanted had a clear vision vis-à-vis the curriculum.

“The curriculum of the educational institutions should remain with the federation and it should reflect national cohesion and the ideology of Pakistan and inline with the fundamentals of Islam. This would ensure that no institution could deviate from the basic ideology of the state and would also safeguard the religious values. Any nation could grow when its youth is provided with the curricula in line with the fundamentals of the ideology of the country,” he asserted.

He said if different curriculum might harm the national cohesion and different ideologies may confuse the upcoming generations.

On renaming NWFP as Pakhtoonkhwa, Shujat said his party was against renaming the province on lingual basis and had raised this issue time and again. However, both PML-N and PPP did not adhere to the sincere advice put forth by PML leadership and they had bulldozed this clause in haste as they enjoyed majority.

“This was a controversial decision which took away 10 precious lives of people of Hazara division and also stirred up agitation across Hazara division. This was an autocratic decision which has backfired,” he added.

Shujat also made it clear that his party had also requested the committee not to link the renaming of NWFP with the 18th amendment which was not heard by the ruling coalition.

He said the third amendment his party wanted to table was about article 61 which had been amended through 18th amendment.

“This amendment has opened vistas of parliament on corrupt and dishonest elements. Decreasing the punishment for the corrupt has enabled the corrupt hold public offices. In my view, no corrupt or convicted could hold any public office and such a person cannot represent the state,” he added.

Shujat also came hard on PML-N; Shujat said it was surprising that the party which had raised slogans for supremacy and independence of judiciary now had backtracked from its stance.

“I am shocked to know that PML-N now says that the apex court of the country cannot even hear a case against 18th amendment and that it would not accept any judgment against 18th amendment. This is not only a ridiculous statement but also reflects the unconstitutional and autocratic approach of the PML-N leadership,” he pointed.

Shujat also warned the ruling coalition to review its energy policy and its implementation by force as it can backfire.

“I think that it is unwise to forcefully closing markets. Rather than resorting to load shedding, the government should shift its focus on energy generation resources,” he added.

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