MQM has made its way to Punjab, says Altaf

Chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain Sunday said that they were in Punjab to fight for the rights of masses problems while this convention was held to set masses free from landlords.

In his telephonic address to the convention held simultaneously in Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi, Altaf Hussain urged the people of Punjab to maintain order as ‘MQM has made its way to Punjab’.

The Quaid MQM said that time has come when the cruel elements of the society would be humiliated in the streets. He said that MQM was stopped from coming to Punjab but our will was never weakened and the present convention was the evidence that truth would always overcome the evil.

He said that MQM was labeled as terrorist organization but today’s convention was the evidence that they were unable to down the struggle of the party. It is the day to denounce all the old faces that have fooled the masses, he added.

He said that he assured the minorities that they would be given their due rights as were promised by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The slogan of this convention is revolution and the victory of truth, he said.

He further stated that MQM was the only party which registered its protest when the inter-party elections were banned in the 18th amendment. He said that they were all gathered to promise the safety of the country and it was their duty to throw out the ruthless landlords.

He added that it was their duty to make promise that they would never allow anyone to impose dictatorship on the poor and the day has come when all the cruel factors of the society would be held accountable for their evil deeds.

He said that no one has fulfilled the promises made to the masses and he ask them whether the masses got justice. Women have not been given their rights, education has not been provided while double standard education system has been imposed in the country, he added.

‘I hold industrialists and landlords responsible for it, he commented, adding that it is because of that we allow them to press us.

He said today people have converged here to save Pakistan which suffers from dual system of education and where children of the poor are made to sit on ground in yellow schools in the absence of chairs.

The MQM Chief said the masses continue to be subjected to atrocities for the last 62 years. He said actually “it our fault who cast vote in favour of defaulters of enormous debts,” asking, “Why do people of Punjab keep voting for plunderers and looters who have been tried before?”

He said the people will have to make a pledge not to support thieves. “It is Allah Almighty who has all the power to decide as to who gets respect and who gets humiliated,” he said citing Quranic verses.

Altaf Hussain said MQM has made its way to Punjab despite all the hurdles put in its way. “MQM is here to paint faces of thieves and looters in black and walk them in streets,” he warned.

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  1. MQM

    There is a saying don’t see who is saying, see what he is saying?

    do you want an end of feudal system? if no then continue to support other political parties? if yes then read about this political party and read about Mustafa Kamal and other workers? this party was targeted by PPP and PML(N) and others in the past, even Imran joined the band wagon but later on when he studied it he realized and commented in favor of MQM, i will suggest all of you to please use your mind instead of watching fake youtube videos and rest, when they do the work in Karachi, you people(Jamatis) say it’s funded by west, when they come up with agenda in Punjab and ask for middle class person to come into politics, you say other worst things, common guys till when you keep on behaving like crying children, this behavior of yours have given you Raja Pervez Ashraf, Asif Ali Zardari, Fehmida Mirza( who spend 1 million on purchase of new car tyres), Jamshed dasti, Raja riaz etc

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