Constitution has been purged of mutilations of the dictators: Zardari

President Asif Ali Zardari said that the mess created by former military ruler Zia ul Haq in the constitution has been cleared through the 18th Amendment Bill.

Addressing to the industrialists workers of Ashraf Sugar mills during his two-day visit of Bahawalpur here on Wednesday, the president said all fronts opened against his government have been thwarted with the prayers of people.

With the 18th amendment the government has purged the constitution with the mutilations of the dictators, he said.

PPP rules on the hearts of the masses not at the palaces adding that PPP had foiled all the conspiracies of anti state elements, who aimed to destabilize the government, the president said.

He also remarked that Shaheed Benazir Bhutto has not been allowed to serve the masses, but the incumbent government by pursuing the vision of the BB will fulfill all the promises and dreams of Benazir Bhutto as committed with the public.

President Zardari acknowledging difficulties of the Southern Punjab people regarding shortage of water, unemployment, electricity and lack of industries reiterated that the government has been seeking every possible measure to facilitate the people of South Punjab.

He also emphasized for utilization of new methods for irrigation in South Punjab area like sprinkling and dripping to consume little water for irrigation adding that water problems of South Punjab people would be addressed on priority basis.

President Zardari further pointed that everyone who has approach to electronic media consider himself political actor adding that love of PPP from the hears of the public couldn’t be scratched.

President also announced to give 4-bonuses for the industrials workers of Ashraf Sugar Mills on the conclusion of his speech.

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