Rehman Malik’s dismissal turned into retirement

President Asif Ali Zardari overturning termination of Interior Minister Rehman Malik as Additional Director General FIA into retirement has also approved payment of his back dated perks.

According to govt sources, during the PML-N tenure Rehman Malik was terminated from his post of Additional Director General FIA on charges of corruption and other charges while he was abroad.

Sources told that Rehman Malik terming this measure as vindictive had requested the Law Ministry that in the past he was a victim of political victimization and the charges leveled against him are baseless therefore his termination be overturned to retirement. On this the law ministry after reviewing the legal complexities had sent their recommendation to Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, who had not objected to termination of Rehman Malik from FIA in the past, and has sent summary for approval along with his advise to the President. The president approving the summary has overturned the termination of Rehman Malik from FIA into retirement and also has approved the backdated perks of Rehman Malik when he was DG FIA.

Sources further told that the overturning of termination of Rehman Malik into retirement has been made under Civil Servants Act Section 23.

Sources told that Rehman Malik despite this measure of the President would continue to defend his cases in the court.

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