Protest in Hazara division enters into 13th day

The protest against renaming of NWFP as Khyber-Pakhtoonkhawa turned violent and entered into 13th day in Hazara division as the death toll reached to 9 and more than 100 wounded.

According to details the workers of Tehreek-e-Sooba Hazara despite the promulgation of Section-144 in the city come on the streets and clashes were reported on Tuesday. The provincial government has deployed FC in police stations and government offices.

According to media reports, workers of Tehrik-e-Sooba Hazara were gathered at Fawara Chowk and raised slogans against renaming of NWFP and in favour of Hazara province.

According to BBC, District Relations Officer Iqbal Khan said that the rioters have looted the arms shops and are using the looted arms during the protest, adding that the security personnel have been deployed infront of the government offices to avoid any untoward incident.

The head of Tehrik-e-Sooba Hazara Sardar Haider Zaman said that no government official has contacted him yet.

The sources told Online that people started gathering early morning and hurled stones on the offices of DCO and DIG therefore the police had to batton charge and fire tear shells as a result more than 20 people injured who were shifted to Benazir Bhutto Shaheed hospital and Ayub Medical Complex.

The rioters also destroyed the central election office of PML-N and ANP while the protestors took over the control of Fawara Chowk, Missile Chowk, Mandian, Supply, Jab Pul and Kala Pul but the police did not intervene.

It is pertinent to mention that majority of the protestors are teenagers while local leadership of PML-Q and Tehrik-e-Sooba Hazara are present in their houses and the protestors are set free to do what ever they want to do.

The people of Haripur also protested and blocked the Hazara highways while all the roads in Hazara have been closed by the protestors. The people of Abbotabad, Haripur and Hazara declared three day mourning due to the loss of 9 precious lives while a complete shutter down strike was observed in Abbotabad and Haripur.

The provincial government has deployed FC in government offices and police stations while the government has also demanded for Rangers.

Later on addressing a press conference the Provincial Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain said that they would never practice the politics on the dead bodies. PML-N has accepted and obey the administration, he said. However the PML-Q refused to obey the administration and violated section 144, he added.

The provincial minister further said that protestors fired on police and as retaliation police had to fire on them. He further said that Chief Minister NWFP had telephoned PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif and they agreed to take strict action against the protestors.

He said that they respect the people’s right to protest but it should be peaceful adding that the rioters set police stationon fire therefore the police had to take action against them. He said that Gohar Ayub and Chaudhary Shujat Hussain added fuel to the fire.

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4 comments on “Protest in Hazara division enters into 13th day

  1. The way PML-Q leadership landed in the Hazara division like vultures and played politics over the dead bodies has written a new dark chapter in our history. Police and media also threw petrol on the fire and another division of Pakistan got engulfed in flames and blood. Hazara division has always been casting votes either in favor of PML-N or JUI-F, but the most dominant factor has always remain the clan-ship. Community and clan is the decisive factor in all the elections and the party comes secondary but despite of that fact, this was the area upon which Nawaz Sharif banked always, but not any more perhaps. Like rest of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif took Hazara for granted and went ahead silently and lazily with the name change and rushed it to get the ticket to become third time prime minister of Pakistan. Hazara erupted in the reaction and Nawaz Sharif brushed it aside as temporary unrest and kept on sleeping. People of Hazara are justified in their demand, as Pakhtunkhwa suppresses their identity and nullifies their existence, but Nawaz Sharif thought that because Hazara-wals never raised voice, so be it. But the fact was that Hazara people were of the opinion that Nawaz Sharif would protect their rights but Sharif disappointed them and that enraged the people.

  2. Slogan is being raised for Hazara Province because we cant live in pukhtonkhwa due to following solid reason.
    1 We llive Geographically in different region ,no direct border is with rest of the NWFP.
    2 The area of Hazara province is +18000 sq.km.
    3 we have four dams Tarbella,Ghazi Barotha,Basha dams
    4we are about 10 millions population
    5we have plenty of natural resources.
    6 we are very rich in minerals precious/semi precious stones
    7 we are rich in most stretigic minerals/rare earth.
    8we are rich in tourisim.
    Most important is we are propakistani we love our country we have given blood for our beloved country and will aslo defend our pak soil till last.
    We condem the division on lingual basis.
    There are more than 23 languages spoken in NWFP so if we give the name on Lingual basis then we have to creat village in to state or province.
    I want to put few lines to our readers that the people of Hazara are of different tribes majority of them are having same blood as the blood of other people living in NWFP proclaim themselves pukhtons but they have erected the wall of haterence between the one nation.
    The leader of Hazara movement is Kalarall in tribe and he is the decendent of Alexander the great who conquured the whole world.
    This man will never tured back untill his last breath and it is to point out that we kalarall are more than one millions in population and they are the royals people
    We are the sons of Hazrat Izhaq allai islam . Our fore father Hazrat Aais Ali islam was the elder brother of Hazrat Yaquob Allai islam. Hazrat Ayoub sabri allai islam and hazrat bashar allai islam was among our clan.Therfore please never ever underestimate us.We have our shajra nasb till last our son from adam allai islam to me and my sons.
    The tribe Kalarall are famous in the name of Kalarall and titled sardar lives in District abottabad area.Our elder fore father kalar sha came to subcontinant in 1225 AD during Mongol War from Takht e kalar Iran. He came along with other princes and kings in the reign of Iltumash.Kalar sha was greeks Muslim and the sons of Alexander the great .Similarly there are many respected tribes living side by side in hazara division and we never go for hindkowall provine but Hazara Province.
    We cant live in dark age in 21st centuray because we dont have any quotas in services in education and in all other developmental works.
    Ouer people are living below the lines of poverty . The people of Kohistan are very much backward.Their female still using the goatskin as a trousers and living in caves with in pakistan.
    Majority of poor people are the patient of TB Plague and other fatal diseases.
    We have forest but we cant use them ,we have minerals but we could not get benifit of it. We have universities but no special seats for our children.No special seat for our childeren in Medical or enginieering college.There are lot more to write but i simply request to the Arbabe ikhtiar please dont delay it to announce for our province.
    Hazara Province zinda bad.

  3. the anp leadership is not going on positive thinking.they claim that the province name should be pakhtunkuwa.it is not acceptable for people of hazara nah manzoor nahmanzoor khyber pakhtunkuwa nah manzoor.inshallah when the opposition party challenges with anp they will be trilled and killed just like thunder power.even though in nwfp every people are not pathans so how can it be pakhtunkuwa.the areas where pashto is spoken even their everybody is not pathan they only call themselves pakhtuns by speaking pashto which is not true.their are also pathans in hazara aswell.the pathans of hazara they speak hindko but they are ethnically pathans.so the same situation goes to those people who call themselves pakhtuns by speaking pashto but ethnically they are not.

  4. I was reading just now daily Hazara and others papers, every where pakistani are
    in troubles, my opinion is that , we are by self going on wrong path. From last couple of months Pakistani govt ,not saying a single word about the Hazara , Prov.
    they have no feeling , If the Govt is honest, they have to ac cept Pro.Hazara, but they are deaf. Last time I told to the public that Hazara govt have to announce election in their provience , for Governership, Mehr, Hazara parlament assembly
    get the order from the local courts . that is my opinion. Hazara pro.Zindabad

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