Geo News widely criticized for providing negative news on Shoaib Sania issue

The Geo News TV channel who Claims to be one of the leading news TV channel of Pakistan, is once again widely criticised by the masses for covering only the negative reports on the issue of Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza’s marriage.

The issue of Shoaib-Sania, from the last couple of days has become hottest news for both the media India and Pakistan but the way Pakistani TV channels, especially Geo News, presented the issue showed that Shoaib Malik was an Indian whereas Sania was a Pakistani.

Geo TV only knows how to create panic: Rishwan Malik

In a survey conducted by Jazba Blog, viewers of news TV channels said that from the very beginning few Pakistani TV channels especially Geo news, tried their best to maligned Malik’s image but with all their negative propaganda Shoaib managed to resolve the issue and as yet there has no issue left which could become hurdle in the marriage of Shoaib and Sania until the Geo News could bring another scandals against Shoaib.

“Geo TV better change its name to propaganda TV” said Rishwan Malik, an admin manager working in a local organisation of Islamabad.

Rishwan said that geo TV is trying to become champions of politics by providing false and baseless information to the viewers.

He said that his is not the first time that Geo TV has presented a bad image of its own people but hundred of examples are there in past in which Geo TV tried its best to provide anti Pakistan information.

Geo needs a special code of conduct: Jamsaid Ahmed

Jamshaid Ahmed, a government employer said he was very disappointed by the of Geo news as he was not expecting this from country’s own TV channels “if Indian would have criticized Shoaib Malik, we could believe that Malik is not their citizen so that they are flourishing scandals again him, but watching all this on our own TV channels was a serious shock for me”.

A cook in a Canteen Akram Chaudhry and a gatekeeper Malik Nazir, are regular viewers of political talk shows and also believe that the role of Pakistani media in Shoaib-Sania issue was irresponsible.

Is Geo a Pakistani news channel?: Akram Chaudhry

“Did Indian media exposed the scandals of Sania Mirza” Akram Chaudhry aggressively asked adding “Apnay he Giratay hein Nasehman pay bijlian” (our own people are against us).

Malik Nazir, on the other hand said that Geo was his favourite news TV channel but the way the channel exploited the negative image of our hero Shoaib Malik, he is not going to watch the TV channel again.

I am no longer a fan of Geo News: Malik Nazir

He said that he heard from his friend that Geo TV has 60% shares of Tata groups (Indian leading company) and this might be the reason that this TV channel provided anti Shoaib information which helped Indian media to talk negatively about Shoaib Malik.

Malik Nazir in his concluding remarks said that no matter what the TV channels think and say about Shoaib Malik, he will remain our hero and all our support remain with our hero until he gets backs to his country with his princess Sania Mirza.

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