Gen Zia ul Haq to stay no more in the list of presidents: Raza

First reading on 18th constitutional bill-2010 has started in National Assembly (NA)

Participating in the debate on 18th amendment bill, chairman parliamentary committee Mian Raza Rabbani said with the approval of the bill, name of Gen Zia ul Haq will stand expunged as president of Pakistan.

Giving the details of the bill he said under the proposed bill 17th constitutional amendment and LFO –2002 would stand repealed and the constitution would be restored to its pre-1999 position. 58-2-b will be abolished and the president will not be authorized to dissolve the assembly without the advice of the prime minister in future. Any person who is involved in suspending the constitution or defacing it will be treated as convict of commission of high treason and supreme court or high court will not be authorized to give protection to unconstitutional steps of such person.

Prime minister will be chief executive of federation of Pakistan. The size of federal cabinet will not go beyond 11 percent of total strength of members of parliament which will come into being after the general elections to be held as per schedule following the approval of this amendment Provincial cabinet will not exceed 15 members or 11 percent of total strength of members of assembly which ever is more.

A judicial commission under the Chief Jstice of Pakistan (CJP) will be constituted to appoint judges. The commission will comprise two senior most judges of Supreme court to be nominated by the CJP. The other members will include former chief justice of SC or former judge for the period of only two years. Besides them commission will include law minister, attorney general and a senior advocate of SC. A parliamentary commission will also be set up besides judicial commission. Judicial commission will send a name to parliamentary commission against every post. It will be binding on parliamentary commission to approve the names proposed by judicial commission with majority within 14 days of receipt of the proposals. Otherwise the proposals of judicial commission will stand approved automatically.

The discretionary powers vested with the president for appointment of chief election commissioner will stand abolished. The prime minister will propose 3 names to 12 members parliamentary committee in consultation with leader of the opposition in national assembly for appointment of chief election commissioner.

All the three services chiefs and chairman joint chiefs of staff committee will be appointed by the president under the advice of prime minister.

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