Reports about BB head being hit by lever of vehicle baseless: Naheed

Naheed Khan PPP leader and Former Political Secretary to Shaheed Benazir Bhutto has said Former Prime minister’s head was not hit by vehicle lever but she received head injury due to fired bullet adding all the reports about her head being hit by lever were baseless.

While talking to media at her residence on Friday. “I will however offer no more comment on this count unless the UN report comes”, she added.

She held it was responsibility of the then Government to provide security to Shaheed Benazir Bhutto but it was not done so.

18th amendment was a better process while the government should accept the rights of the respective provinces on their resources and then the real provincial autonomy could be materialized. The resources of the provinces should be spent on them, she demanded.

She went on to say she had no personal grudge with any one in PPP but her differences and reservations were based on principles. The way the party was being run was not better one, she regretted. Decisions should be taken on merit, she demanded. Gap between people and party leadership was widening , she complained. The party leadership had confined it to the bunkers and the workers who served jail terms and were flogged for the sake of party were wandering in pursuit of their recognition in the party. This state of affairs was very harmful to the party, she warned.

Responding to a question she said it would have been better for the president Asif Ali Zardari to hold the command of the party rather than stepping in president house.

She cautioned that government and president Asif Ali Zardari should respect the verdict of apex court on NRO and implement it.

Talking on the occasion senator Safdar Abbasi said only president Zardari could tell about the reasons for filing application to seek delay in the release of UN commission report on assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

This following clip recorded by unknown person, also shows she did not hit by lever of vehicle.

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