Verdict on NRO not a joke, it will be got implemented at every cost: SC

Supreme Court (SC) has observed its verdict on NRO is not a joke and it will be got implemented at every cost.

Larger bench of SC presided over by the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry made this observation during the course of hearing of case pertaining to reopening of Swiss cases here Thursday.

At the inception of hearing Attorney General (AG) Anwar Mansoor told the court difficulties are being faced due to lack of cooperation from law ministry.
The court suspended the hearing for some time and summoned law secretary immediately.

Earlier justice Tariq Pervez while giving remarks about the letters sent by NAB to Swiss authorities said this letter had been sent by NAB and not by the government, therefore, it had no value in foreign country.

Adhoc judge Justice Khalil ur Rehman Ramday observed Geneva authorities would not accept NAB law.

AG told the court these letters were still lying with law division and it would send these letters as per procedure laid down in law and constitution.

The CJP remarked these letters should have been routed through law ministry and sent to Swiss authorities with the approval of Prime Minister. As pr court orders, the same procedure be adopted for reopening Swiss cases what the previous government and the then attorney general had adopted for institution of these cases, he further remarked.

Court should be informed under whose orders Swiss cases were quashed as no mention was made about quashment of these cases in the letters sent to Swiss authorities, he inquired.

AG said correct information could not be provided by law ministry therefore, difficulties were being faced in sending letter to Swiss authorities. The court can summon law secretary or law minister in this connection if it wills so, he added.

“Who is creating hurdles in this matter, either law secretary or law ministry or law minister. As to why law minister is hindering the process”, the CJP remarked.

NAB counsel Abid Zuberi tried to present some documents before the court on the occasion but Justice Khalil ur Rehman Ramday expressed resentment over it.

“Don’t try to trap us. We will not accept or see any thing. Whatever verdict SC had given it should be implemented”, he remarked.

“Whether the law minister is creating hindrance in sending letter. We have recorded statement of AG and further proceedings will be carried out in the light of this statement”, CJP remarked.

Later law secretary appeared in the court and informed these letters had not been sent to Geneva so far and they were lying in his residence. A procedure was in place for sending these letters. Law ministry and foreign ministry are taking steps in accordance with this procedure. These letters will be sent to Pakistan embassy in the respective country through diplomatic bag, he told. The embassy would contact Swiss authorities as per procedure and hand over the diplomatic bag to them, he added.

CJP while expressing concern over it remarked “SC decision is not a joke. We will implement it at every cost. You will just go now and will make formal arrangements in collaboration with AG for sending these letters to Geneva for reopening the Swiss cases.

Law secretary requested the court he wanted to work in this connection as per rules and procedures, therefore, he be given some time.

Upon it the larger bench of SC while adjourning the hearing of the case for indefinite period directed the law secretary and AG to present complete report to registrar SC on April, 5 about sending the letters to Geneva for reopening Swiss cases.

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