Who said India and Pak are enemies: Shoaib Malik to marry Sania Mirza in April

Pakistani Cricket Star and Former Captain of Pakistani cricket team Shoaib Malik, is all set to marry the Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, claimed by local TV channels of Pakistan.

The TV channels said that the mother of Shoaib Malik has met the family of Sania Mirza, and proposed her for her son. The channels also claimed that Sania’s family has accepted the proposal and the two families are all set to engage the two S’s soon.

The channel quoted the sources of Shoaib’s family and said that engagement ceremony between Shoaib and Sania are expected to be in next month.

Both Sania and Shoaib are one time engaged in the past but their engagements could not last long.

On the other hand father of Sania Mirza said that the news regarding the engagement of her daughter with Malik is true but the date of marriage has not decided yet.

“Yes, it is true that Sania is going to marry Shoaib” Sania’s father said while talking to an Indian TV channel.

Malik was engaged with Ayesha Siddiqui also from Hyderabad Deccan on June 3, 2002 while Sania on the other side was engaged with Sohrab Khan which she ended recently.

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7 comments on “Who said India and Pak are enemies: Shoaib Malik to marry Sania Mirza in April

  1. Good news for Pakistan and bad one for india, Indian made a lot of movies in which Pakistani girl marry with indian but here things are going opposit. I’m very happy n best wishes for both n at last i wana to say one think to all Pakistani. ‘CHUK K RUKHO KUM JAWANO!’ 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. pakistanis should not be merry because they both will inhabit in dubai …………..”jab gadhe per dil aaya to handsome kya cheez hain’

  3. I agree. At the moment even India and Pakistan are not enemies. Greater enemies to civilisation are greedy women who file false cases

    False Cases filed by Ayesha amount to misuse of law. Threat to suicide from Ayesha is a criminal threat.

    Marriage disputes before, during and after marriage are civil disputes.It is fascism if all marriage disputed are given a colour of criminal disputes and IPC section 498a is invoked. Even the supreme court of India has warned against mis use of Section 498A IPC

    This female Ayisha is aiming at US $ 1 Million. This is pure Ransom

    Even IF Shoaib is married already, Muslims are governed by Muslim personal law – Sharia in India. They can marry upto four wives. they do NOT need the permission of the first wife to marry again

    more at

  4. Ayesha is another ” Ruchika ” in diffrent version. Affected & Ruined by Brand name & Position holder. Technical error of Registration does not effect Relationship. Proofs shown by Ayesha’s Family in Media clearly shows Shoaib’s stand who constantly Ignores & Rejects like ” INDIAN DOSSIERS ” to ” PAK GOVT “. Ayesha is Ignored, Abused, Cheated, Dumped and Emotionally Raped by Shoaib and must be arrested for his Crime. People of India must forget Caste, Creed, Religion and support Ayesha for Justice.

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