LHC declares AQ Khan free man, restricts him from media interviews

The Lahore High Court on Monday declared nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan as a free man but barred him from talking about nuclear assets or proliferation in any capacity.

The Lahore High Court declared AQ Khan a free man while disposing off a petition following the Attorney General’s statement that the nuclear scientist is free to go wherever he wants as long as he informs security of his movements

However In its judgement in response to a petition filed by 74-year-old Khan seeking the removal of restrictions on his movement, the Lahore High Court ruled that Khan was not allowed to talk about nuclear weapons technology.

Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry gave the judgment during in-camera proceedings. He had earlier deferred his verdict three times and asked Khan and the government to settle the matter out of court.

During the hearing, the government filed two petitions one seeking restrictions on the free movement of the scientist and restraining him from giving interviews and another seeking permission to probe claims attributed to Khan by The Washington Post about the transfer of nuclear secrets to Iran and Iraq.

Regarding the petition by the federal government about Dr. AQ khan’s interview in the Washington Post, his counsel said that an affidavit had already been submitted assuring the court that no such interview was given by the scientist

During today’s proceedings, the Attorney General said the federal government will ensure the “free movement” of Khan and provide him foolproof security.

He said Khan will have to inform the government 30 minutes in advance if he travels within Islamabad and a day before his movements outside the federal capital.

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