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500 cc heavy bikes to run on Motorways from March 23

Dr. Wasim Kausar Inspector General (IG) National Highway and Motorway Police NH&MP has decided to allow the entry of heavy bikes to run on motorways from March 23, 2010.

According to details, the NH&MP invited the members of bikes club in the special ceremony at Ravi toll Plaza on motorway on March 23 in the connection of Pakistan Day. The members of the bikes club would travel from Lahore to Islamabad as a gesture to celebrate Pakistan Day and Federal Minister for Communication; Dr. Arbab Alamgir Khan would be the Chief Guest while the State Minister for Information and Broadcasting and State Minister for Interior would be the guest of honour.

The IGP said that the motorbikes of 500 cc and above would be allowed to run on motorway with special kit wear by the driver. The biker would get first registration with NH&MP and then he would be given a permit to run on the motorway, he added.

He said that the permission was being allowed to heavy bikers on persistent requests by the bikes clubs and this would run as a pilot project.

The IG NH&MP also planted a tree on motorway to kick off tree plantation campaign, as the department itself would plant 100 trees on motorways and highways. He said that there was great shortage of trees and it was the responsibility of every citizen to plant a tree in its vicinity. He said that the NGOs and departments must take this responsibility to plant trees, so that they could make greener Pakistan.

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