250 factories closed by load shedding in NWFP

The power outages for long hours and lengthy breakdown has caused closure of 250 and more than 4000 businessmen related to electricty have been affected.

As per details, the economy suffered losses of Rs 35 million last one week and this loss would be reached to one billion in next three months. The traders and industrialist were irked with the long hours breakdown in electricity by the PESCO authorities.

Around 250 factories operated on electricity were closed and more than 22,000 people become jobless by the situation. The owners of the factories were of the veiw that the industries were closed for three months due to long hours load shedding and the laborers would be called back soon after some time.

Millions of factories were closed down in Peshawar, Nowshera, Hatar and Haripur including wood carving, photo state, tailoring shops, weilding and other traders were facing severe problems due to it.

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